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May 2012 UPDATE

Recently we listened again to the files on this page and were astounded how bad some of them sound using the latest Real Audio version. You can be assured that when we first encoded these files they sounded far better than they do now. We have never liked Real Audio as they have always been too commercial in our opinion, but this seems to prove that they are trying to make people update to a paid version of their software to listen in best quality sound.

Therefore we are actively re-coding the audio samples into mp3 which as we don't have access to a reel to reel tape recorder at present will take us some time to complete. In the meantime if you have good reason to want to hear a file in good quality audio please email us at jingles then @ then horstedkeynes then .com (so that the spam engines don't get the address ;-) and we will see if we can email you a better quality version of the file.


Have you heard about "The Magic of Pams" which is a collection of all the PAMS jingles from Series 1 to Series 41 ?

It's a great collection which I would dearly like to own.
Do you own a copy that you want to sell/swap/loan for MONEY? If so please get in touch and we can BOTH gain! (swapped -at- with @ to avoid the spam slurpers!)

Shivvering Sands fort in the Thames estuary in 1941. Full quality image available for sale. ©HorstedKeynes.Com
Just found! A 1941 wartime picture taken by a Nazi spy of "Shivering Sands" (look at the huge guns on top of each tower) from which several pirate stations would broadcast 25 years later in the mid-1960's.

This web site is STILL in a very early stage of development but we can now bring you a few items to whet your appetite!
All recordings will eventually be in MP3 format, some are still only in Real Media.
ALL are available for download! You CAN right click and "save as" here!

Found after 39 years! The World In Action report on pirate radio that was broadcast in the Spring of 1966 recorded by me! This copy was made by taping a microphone to the speaker of my TV in East Grinstead so the quality may not be wonderful but the content is fascinating! Heavily compressed with mp3, better quality available. 24 minutes of pure nostalgia! World In Action 1966
VERY rude jingles. You WILL know the tune but NOT the words! The singers feeling fruity perhaps?
Thanks to KenR for permission to use.

For some reason some Real Media downloads sound very bitty when using the latest Real player. If you want audio quality use an older player which can be downloaded free from Sorry, but it's not our fault.

In the early '70's real piracy ruled the waves and somebody tried to bomb RNI on the MEBO2. Here is the incident recorded on FM in Holland. Bomb1.mp3
Radio Caroline's bell was THE sound of the '60's. Here is the original recording made with Tony Blackburn holding the microphone (I've got the 8mm to prove it!) By the way the recording was played at half speed as the bell was too tinny as recorded! Caroline bell.mp3

Caroline "dross".mp3 This jingle is truly dreadful!

This IS unique! Imagine the Caroline ship was ready to sail and they had no jingles, so young Ronan went to a smoky basement in Dublin, used their Hammond organ and they recorded all these classic jingles in one afternoon. This is a direct dub from the original master tape. Want to hear it? Caroline jingle package.mp3
London that's my home town! What became the virtual BigL theme in the early days, often played up to the news.
Here complete in studio quality.
Finally for now a recording that I made myself nearly 40 years ago featuring Ed Stuart on a real Radio London broadcast with just the records edited out. I guarantee that you won't have heard this before! 3 Meg download. BigL.rm

(Other web sites please note: you may use this material as long as you identify this site as the original source -
We have inserted artefacts that uniquely identify this recording,
so either credit us or don't use it.


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